Acquazero App: Step by Step

  • Download the Acquazero App
  • Make your login
  • Register your data and your car
  • Register the address where the delivery service will be performed
  • Choose services
  • Select the provider Acquazero
  • Schedule the day and time of attendance
  • Make payment through the app itself

Acquazero App: to the PARTNER

Advantages of the App

Acquazero is the largest automotive aesthetic network in the country. For the continuous development of the brand, the franchisor always seeks to innovate. Now, innovation has come in the form of an app to optimize your customer appeal.

Visibility of your work

Brand Strengthening

Expansion in geographic area of ​​service

Simple Customer Acquisition

Demand Control

To have access to the system, the Acquazero franchisee needs to contact the franchisor and make the application membership. There is no cost for this membership, no monthly fee. The only value associated with the app is a small fixed percentage, which can be consulted with the franchisor.

Using the app is also quite simple. Just make your calendar available for service, with days and times, and wait for the appointment by the consumer. The customer chooses all the services that will be performed, allowing programming by the franchisee.

Both the PHYSICAL STORE franchisee and the DELIVERY franchisee can enjoy the application. After scheduling by the customer, the services must be performed in delivery mode. That is, where the user chooses.

Do you want to be an Acquazero franchisee?